Belated Monday Must-Haves: Local Edition

As promised, I have created a short list of must-haves for this week!  After finishing 'Overdressed', I really wanted to start saving my money to go toward more quality pieces.  Part of the books mantra is to buy local. Buy from designers who are using local materials and are not jacking up their prices. As a result, you will end up with amazing, unique pieces that will end up lasting a long time!

I was able to narrow down my list to two designers who produce amazing accessories! Since my closet is exploding with unworn clothing, I want to focus my attention on unique accessories to dress-up my outfits, for work and play.  I picked two local designers that I think you should know if you haven't heard of them yet!

1. Love, Cortnie Clutches
 I discovered Love, Cortnie statement clutches through CapFABB (check out her blog StyleLust Pages), and I have been drooling over her bags ever since.  Her clutches are so thoughtfully made, and the fact that she is located in Maryland makes me love her even more!  I picked a few of her my favorite clutches from her Etsy store, but there are tons more styles to suit all tastes!  With prices starting around $35, you can't not afford to have a Love, Cortnie in your closet! Also, she is running a 15% off sale until tonight at 10pm EST!
Source (Clockwise starting from top left): Statement Clutches - Ashleigh, 
 Cool Cat, Linked (on sale!), Genevieve, and Doodle

2. Simple Girl Designs
So this review may be a bit skewed since I actually know this designer, but I believe her work speaks for itself.  Two weeks ago, I went to a BBQ thrown by a friend of mine (see OOTD here) I served in Peace Corps with.  I began talking with his lovely roommate Nadine, and discovered she made jewelry! I fell in love with her necklaces the moment she brought them down (at my request of course!). They were beautiful crafted and were my style!  I have included a few of her works below, but head to her Facebook page to see more. It also helps that she puts a lot of love into her pieces, and her personality is amazing! I can't wait to purchase some of her statement necklaces for work!
As you can see, statement clutches and necklaces are fast becoming my new obsession! I also love the fact that I am supporting a person, especially a local, small-businesse, rather than a corporation! 

What are some of your must-have items you have found from local designers?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my clutches! :)


  2. Unknown says:

    What is this 'Obsessed" you speak of? A book? I am interested in reading if so. Send me a link if you can?!?!?! Also, when you press the Facebook link for the jewelry line, it goes to another page on your blog. You may have inserted an incorrect link. I would like to learn more about Nadines line. Great post and great idea to shop local :)

  3. Erica says:

    You are so welcome Cortnie! Your bags are amazing

  4. Erica says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I have corrected the link also! Also, here is a link to the book 'Overdressed' - - it is a must-have for any fashion conscious person! It definitely made me think about what and how much I buy! I plan in doing a review in it in the near-future!

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